The Section Magazine started off as a vision to publish a unique perspective on community, design and entrepreneurship. Through this endeavor, our intention for the magazine became clear: to bring communities together, to celebrate design and champion entrepreneurship. We hope this space represents a metaphorical home for our readers, a landing space where they come to learn, be inspired, and connect.

In architecture, a section is a cutaway view of the building exposing that which cannot be directly seen. In The Section Magazine, we aim to provide that same exposure by producing nuanced and impartial content. Journalism is the first draft of history and we aim to contribute positively to the world's knowledge base by exploring stories that would otherwise go untold.

Alexandra Bradford

Alexandra is a journalist and the  Editor-in-Chief of The Section Magazine. She spent three years covering war, conflicts, politics, and humanitarian issues for English print. In 2014, she began to research/cover the migration of Western women to the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, a topic that previously had received limited and sensationalized coverage in the media.

Parallel to her freelance reporting, Alexandra Bradford provided research and analysis to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) on the risks posed by European females traveling to Syria. This formed the basis of a report she co-authored (Becoming Mulan? Female Migrants to ISIS). This report was the first academic report and policy response investigating the migration of Western women to the Islamic State.

Alexandra holds a masters degree in Terrorism, Security, and Society from King's College, University of London. Her graduate work focused on homegrown terrorism and female radicalization.

Shannon Korta
Photo Editor

Shannon Korta is the Photo Editor of The Section Magazine. She brings with her experience ranging from freelance photographer to media coordinator at LSW Architects and Riff Creative. In addition to being passionate about her work at The Section Magazine, and an overall photojournalist junkie, Shannon enjoys traveling and hiking mountains.

Shannon graduated from Virginia Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Fine/Studio Arts and Photography.

AJ Robertson
Lead Software Engineer

AJ is The Section Magazine's Lead Software Engineer, where he oversees digital production and runs network control systems. Prior to joining our team, he spent four years in software consulting, which includes a current post as a software engineer at Riff Creative. AJ believes that humans are the most important part of software and because of that he enjoys spending his time learning how software impacts people and makes their lives better.

AJ graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor's degree in Digital Technology & Culture.

Mack Stromme
Chief Graphic Designer

As Chief Graphic Designer, Mack is actively engaged in creating The Section Magazine's visual concepts, developing the magazine's digital and print layout and working with advertisers to create compelling stories for our print, digital and social media platforms. When Mack is not atThe Section Magazine he can be found at Riff Creative.

Submission Guidelines

The Section Magazine is looking for great writers and photojournalists who have nuanced and compelling stories to tell. Rates are competitive and based on feature type.

We are driven by an interest in community, design, and entrepreneurship. We tend to prefer pitches that are narratively engaging, have a human connection, avoid conventional lenses on over-saturated topics, and of course, overlap with our three primary subjects. In the past, we have published stories that range from a feature piece on the trend of female co-working spaces, a look at a lynching memorial in Alabama, interviews with entrepreneurs, and a reported piece on waterfront developments. There is no subject that won't work as long as it pertains to community, design, and entrepreneurship. We take reported pieces, long-form features, trend pieces (societal developments and cultural shifts), first-person essays (these must be semi-reported) and interviews with politicians, celebrities and other key people of interest.

Here is how to pitch us:

  • Take a look at The Section Magazine before you send us a pitch and familiarize yourself with the types of stories we publish.
  • Your pitch should include the story idea, interview subjects or the types of sources the story might feature, what else has been written about it and, where relevant, how the story will build on what else is out there. It's important to explain why you're the person to do this story. Do you have special access or background knowledge on the subject? Please include clips and your website.
  • We only accept pitches, please do not send us pieces that you have already written.
  • Email pitches to alexandra@thesectionmag.com